reflections and testimonials

There comes a point where you realize there are questions in life that you can’t get to yourself. Answers you seek that seem just out of your reach. Feelings left inside of you from generations past, tucked deep away, waiting to be validated yet unattainable. I walked into the room with so many questions, and two and a half hours later, left with 10 years of therapy. Thank you, Roya, for helping me find what I’ve been desperately searching for!!! You are amazing!!!
— Mustafa E.
My work with Roya has been deeply healing, clarifying and fun. She connected me with the dreams of my ancestors, and the energy of my guides to give a greater perspective on my life’s purpose. My session put to rest questions I had been wrestling with for years and gave me the energy to break through some very old blocks. Roya is a gifted medium to commune with the unseen world and guide to help you put the insight into practice in everyday life. If you are ready to transform book a divination with Roya!
— Solay H.
Magical and, at the same time, so down to earth! Being new to stick divination, and after receiving my first session from Roya, I immediately knew this work would add a fresh layer to my healing practice. Roya helped me to uncover deeper sides of my authentic nature and I especially appreciate the care to intergrate our ancestral lineage and cultural experiences in this self-discovery process. In my opinion, the world needs more of this kind of magic! Thank you, Roya, for shining the light.
— Nicole N.
Awesome experience, I was skeptical about doing this on Skype, and was pleasantly surprised. My quest was for ancestral advice about healing generational trauma. Roya did a great job preparing me and easing me into the session. Throughout the session I would get sudden very specific thoughts, which I did not verbalize. There is no way that Roya could have known what I was thinking, yet my ancestors addressed exactly those points. I don’t know how it works,  I just know that it works. I came away from my session with a new sense of empowerment and calm. I am grateful for the chance to bond with my lineage. I will definitely do it again.
— Tina K.
Roya’s background and abilities are multifaceted, but all connect to the less visible, the experienced yet undefinable aspects of life. In Divination, Roya has the power to enter into, and form direct communication with, the spirit world. Here, she can commune with your soul, with the very essence of your being. Each part of you that yearns to be seen and yearns to remain hidden are unveiled and given voice. The results are blissful, terrifying, and supremely important. Furthermore, her diverse skill set allows the work of energy, soma, psyche, and more to take place, creating a complete state of attentiveness to all that is you.
— Clay J.