star blends, baths, rituals, and gems

Star Blends, Baths, rituals, and Gems

Star medicine is asking that humans reconnect to the wisdom of the stars. Star Blends, Baths, and Gems offer us grounded magic. The stars speak the language of the old ones, and are the elements that formed our life here on Earth. The stars are inviting us to bathe in their essences in order to reconnect to cosmic frequencies. These remedies embody nourishment and magic from the earth and the cosmos, and connect us to deep healing and reconnection with source. The blends are gifted to us through Divination by the Wedeme, Star beings, the Moon Lady, and the Ancestors, and are a blessing of their knowledge to us in embodied form. 

Elixir Collection

Star Woman Elixirs were born out of Stick Divination, where I was asked by Star beings to create blends to help humans reconnect to the wisdom of the Stars. The Stars wanted to offer us some grounded, tangible magic to help us heal and thrive. The Stars speak the language of the Old Ones, and are the elements that formed our life here on Earth. They know what is needed to keep magic alive in this complex modern world. The resulting blends, Star Woman Elixirs, are a gift to us from the Stars, the Wedeme, my Moon medicine lineage, and the Ancestors. They offer a way to bring nourishment and energy shifts from the Earth and the Cosmos into our embodied selves. I hope that you enjoy the spark of beauty that comes in each drop!

Call of the Owl

Call of the Owl heals the stress and anxiety of being a human on Earth participating in hurting the planet. It is a remedy that makes us less harmful by lessening our impact, both psychic and physical, on our relationship with the natural world. It is for those with a desire to have a more tangible relationship with nature. It can also clear up hate in the people around the person taking it, making the remedy a great way to reach and heal larger groups of people.

Raspberry Gold Sizzle Syrup

This is a Moon remedy and “Sizzle syrup” for embodying the Stars. This elixir is for when you need a burst of Stars and of fire, when you need to be sexy and wild and open. It was told to me to use for “just rocking out” and being totally seen. It is meant to aid you in opening to show your true essence, for the true “performance essence” of life. The Wedeme say they want to help us to “sizzle like the stars.”


This is an elixir for bringing sweetness into your heart to release generational strains of trauma, war, and loss. In particular, it heals the effects of our loss of wealth in all its forms- losing our true understanding of abundance, and losing our connection to our Ancestors.


This elixir is a gathering of Stars in a bottle. The Wedeme called it Star Cream, and say that using it is bathing in Stars all through your body. This is a Star portal medicine that opens up and strengthens your connection to your Home Stars, helping you listen to what these portals have to tell you. A Home Star is the Star(s) that you came through on your journey into this human body. The Wedeme say they want us to use this “so that when you open your mouth, you speak Stars. You need this.”  

We seek our origins as much as we seek our destinies.
— Linda Hogan