somatic coaching

What does "Somatic" mean?

The word Somatic comes from the Greek word Soma, meaning "the living body in its wholeness" and "the instrument of the soul". Our body is our life force grounded in physical form; it is our body who tells the story of our lived experiences. 

What is Somatic Coaching?

Have you ever been able to tell someone's mood before they spoke to you? Then you know that we cannot hide our somatic experiences in the ways that we hide through language. Our body is our greatest teacher, and is also our greatest identifier.

Through Somatic Coaching, I work with you to identify areas of strength, freedom, limitations, and holdings in your body. Your strengths can be accessed and used to make great shifts in how you present to the world. We are able to shape and transform your lived experience through careful listening, exploration, and by teaching you a felt sense of new ways of being in your body.

*The process of Somatic Coaching begins with a Divination so that we may listen deeply to the unique gifts that came with you from your lineage and the elemental energies that travel with you. We then have insight into your unique imprints, and learn how to gain and deepen the support available to you. After this initial Divination, we schedule one-on-one Coaching time to deepen your embodied experiences so that you may use your creative gifts with ease and flow in your life. 

Who benefits from Somatic Coaching?

The short answer is that anyone can benefit from this work! I have worked with actors, performers, therapists, healers, public speakers, and artists wishing to hone and transform themselves creatively in their work. I have worked with parents wishing to leave behind old patterns in order to show up for their children more deeply, and with partners wishing to gain more intimacy. This work is for the professional, for the individual, and for the collective. Authentic, embodied truth is invaluable; we see quickly how people who are embodied and rooted in their own lives become beacons of light that we cannot resist being near! We each have the power to transform ourselves into these beacons, and this work is for you if you wish to do so.

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The body tells a story. It is, in fact, a living autobiography.
— Elaine Mayland