Raspberry Gold Sizzle Syrup

Raspberry Gold Sizzle Syrup


This is a Moon remedy and “Sizzle syrup” for embodying the Stars. This elixir is for when you need a burst of Stars and of fire, when you need to be sexy and wild and open. It was told to me to use for “just rocking out” and being totally seen. It is meant to aid you in opening to show your true essence, for the true “performance essence” of life. The Wedeme say they want to help us to “sizzle like the stars.”


Raspberry liqueur, Raspberry vodka, Colloidal gold, and the energy of the Moon and Stars.

Dilute 4-5 drops in water and drink when needed for best results. The water activates the elixir and grounds the energies in the body.

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Product size: 1 oz.