Magic of the Star Lake

Magic of the Star Lake


This elixir is a gathering of Stars in a bottle. The Wedeme called it “Star cream”, and said using it is “bathing in stars all through your body”.

This is a Star portal medicine that fills your throat with stars to open up your connection to your own star portals, your “home stars”. A home star is the star(s) that you came through on your journey into this human body. This elixir helps to open the channel of communication between those stars and yourself. The Wedeme say they want us to use this “So that when you open your mouth, you speak stars. You need this.” This elixir both strengthens your connection to your home star and your ability to listen to what it has to say.


Coconut Rum, energy of the North Star and the Lake Balaton.

Add two full droppers to a glass of water twice a day for star immersion for best results. The water activates the elixir and grounds the energies in the body.

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Product size: 1 oz.