What do I need to do to prepare for a Divination?

It is helpful to spend some time getting clear on what you wish to ask at your divination.  Some folks come with many questions, others with just a few. Questions cover all ranges of topics, and none are off limits! I have been asked to look at questions around work, health, creativity, love, children, pets, and past life memories, to name a few. No question is too small, and you may find a surprising answer that brings many things into perspective.

Do I need to bring anything to a Divination?

It is customary to bring a quarter as an offering for the Wedeme. Carry the quarter with you beforehand so that you can imprint onto the metal. If the divination is remote, you may mail your quarter ahead of time or after. 

It is also helpful to write down or record the information and rituals prescribed to you in divination. I will most likely not remember what was said, so it is important to capture all of the elements that you wish to return to later for wisdom or instructions. Please bring a recording device with you to the divination if you wish to use it. 

How will I feel after a Divination?

Feelings after a divination range from relaxed, elated, sleepy, to introspective. I recommend taking time with yourself afterwards to ground, have some water, and get ready to reenter the quick pace of the day to day.

What is a Diviner?

"In the Dagara tradition, one becomes a Diviner by merging consciousness with an elemental being (Wedeme or Kontomble). Through a process of consecutive Divinations conducted over a number of years, a prospective Diviner is led by his or her mentor through a process where they learn how to interact with, feed and become intimate with the specific elemental being or beings who wish to work with them. During this time the prospective Diviner builds shrines, carries out rituals, cleans up ancestral lines and explores their own personal lineage. When the prospective Diviner is ready to merge, an initiation is carried out, after which they are able to offer Divination together with their elemental friend/s.

When we divine, we are interfacing with the elemental beings who are telling us what the client needs to know about their own spiritual landscape. The elemental beings are the mediators with all the other dimensional realms. Through them we have access. They do not discriminate between traditions or belief systems. All traditions, beliefs and entities are welcome. This is a relationship that grows stronger and more potent through time with continued interfacing through divination, work on the land and work with the ancestors. All...Diviners have developed this intimate connection and continue to nurture it through tending of the shrines, continued listening and learning." (StregaTree)

What are the limits of Divination?

A Diviner is an initiated person who helps to connect you with elemental beings, ancestors, and other realms through a series of protocols designed for the safety of all. A Diviner is there as a guide through the deep wild encountered in meeting other realms. Sometimes divination can touch on material that is thick with emotion, and this is natural. We all have both wounds and resiliency in our lineages. Many of us carry the burden of ancestral traumas, and at times in divination it is possible to come into contact with these. The beings that I work with will never attempt to harm you, and it is my commitment to hold you in a space of safety. However, there are times where further holding and processing outside of my scope of practice may be necessary, and in these cases, I can offer referrals to licensed therapists who can assist you in that work.

Will I need to come to Divination more than once?

Divination can become a regular source of inspiration, and a grounded way to tend deep relationships with other realms. Regardless of whether you come once or often, opening yourself to friendship and communication with the Elemental beings and the Ancestors can have long lasting, rewarding effects in your life.