Stick Divination

Divination is a check-in time with the otherworld. The ancestors and elemental beings come and inform us through divination. Divination opens the space where this information can come through. It is a place of deep listening and connecting. The form of divination we offer is called prescriptive. This means that you may be given rituals to perform that are medicine for curing, cleansing or opening communication. You may be asked for an offering of ash or water, the two primal forms of physical matter... You may be advised to pour milk into running water to help clear an ancestral wound. These are but some examples of the prescriptive rituals you may be given.

In stick divination we work with the elemental beings who are known, in the Dagara tradition of Burkina Faso, as the Wedeme.  The divination involves the use of pieces, objects such as sticks, shells, and rocks, which not only represent but in fact are living entities and energies.  A particular stone is Earth, another Mountain, an abalone shell is Water.  Certain pieces are selected by the diviner’s stick for the divination at hand.  These are the beings that are speaking to the person who is receiving the divination.  With the help of the stick, the pieces, and the Wedeme, we work together to answer your questions and provide solutions. Divinations can be carried out one on one for the personal level, as group inquiry or even at a collective community level. (StregaTree)

How can Divination help me?

In the modern world, many of us have lost our ancestral practices and wisdom. We long for a connection to meaning, and sense the deep resilience that lives in our bones. Our work now as humans is to come back to a true sense of aliveness. The work of divination helps you to reconnect with yourself and with the world around you in a deeply alive way. Through divination, we listen to your soul's purpose for this lifetime and provide insight on how to support best support you and your lineages. In the beginning, divination is a generalized check up. Some people come for only one divination. Others decide to continue. As we work together, the information becomes more specific to your life, lineages, and story. Divinations can be carried out one on one for the personal level, as group inquiry, or even at a collective community level.

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