what is somatic coaching?

Our body is our greatest teacher and is also our greatest identifier. The word Somatic comes from the Greek word Soma, meaning "the living body in its wholeness" and "the instrument of the soul". Our body is our life force grounded in physical form. Our body tells the story of our lived experiences. 

Through Somatic Coaching, I work with you to identify areas of strength, freedom, limitations, and holdings in your body. Your strengths can be accessed and used to make great shifts in how you live in the world. You are able to shape and transform yourself through careful listening, exploration, and through feeling new ways of being in your body.

what will we do in a coaching session?

We will use a variety of Somatic techniques to identify and strengthen your felt experiences of resilience, power, and joy. We may utilize Art Therapy techniques to open doors, connecting your creativity with your felt sense. Coaching is self-paced, meaning you ultimately lead and I adapt our work to meet you where you are in the moment, creating a safe space for you to explore new ways of being in depth.

who benefits from somatic coaching?

This work is for the professional, for the individual, and for the collective. Living as our authentic selves, speaking our truth, is what this world needs more of. People who are embodied and rooted in their own uniqueness are powerful, resilient, and magnetic. If you want to explore new ways to deepen into this relationship with yourself, this work is for you!