about somatic coaching

Why Do I need to have a divination before we start somatic coaching?

Divination opens the door to communicating with the essence of your being at the deepest level. When we look into your whole being and life path with the help of your Ancestors and the Elemental Beings, information is shared with us that can help you to dramatically shift out of old patterns into new ways of being. Divination is used so that we get right to the core of how to best support you in your growth, and I have found that it lends tremendous clarity and strength to the process of finding your voice and aligning yourself in the world from a place of magnetic authenticity.

what will we do in a coaching session?

We will use our time together to identify ways to unlock your creativity, voice, and flow of self-expression. I use a variety of Somatic therapy techniques, including Authentic Movement, mirroring exercises, and boundary identification and strengthening. I have found that when folks feel safe in their bodies, their possibilities in the world expand tremendously. I also utilize Art therapy techniques to unlock potential not found in the rational, thinking mind. Coaching is self-paced, meaning you ultimately lead the pace and I adapt our work to meet you where you are in the moment, creating a safe space for you to explore new ways of being in depth.

What happens if something comes up in coaching that is upsetting?

When we try new on new ways of being, we are pushing our boundaries. Our bodies and patterns reflect the ways that we have worked to keep ourselves safe in the world throughout our lives, in both our families and society as a whole. It is natural for you to feel some discomfort in this process, which can range from mild embarrassment to larger depths of feeling. I will be there to guide you in self-resourcing techniques that will bring you back to safety and comfort in your body in the present. My goal is that you never leave a session feeling disregulated, and that we finish our work each time in a place of power, joy, and ease for you. However, if things arise and you feel you need more support than I am able to offer in Coaching and Divination, I have a list of incredible Somatic therapists that I refer to to offer you a greater web of support. These therapists are familiar with my work, and have had Divinations themselves, so they understand the process.