I am an educator, an artist, and a medicine woman. I am an initiated stick diviner in the Dagara lineage, and a medicine woman in the tradition of my Hungarian ancestresses. The gift that this work brings to folks in the West is the ability to strengthen our relationships with our own ancestors and traditions, healing what has come through our lineage in order to clear the way for our future generations. Helping to heal and strengthen our ancestral lineages offers tremendous support to us in our daily lives. Ritual is simple and comforting and sane, and can help ground us profoundly in these times.

I know that this work can sound strange, confusing, or even scary to folks, and I promise you that it is sometimes the strange stuff that moves us forward to great places in life. There is so much joy to be found in these relationships, and so much laughter to be had. The Wedeme are expert comedians and sweeter than almost anyone you’ll ever meet. Knowing them is an amazing, indispensable part of my life.

Roya Farhadi Koczak, M.A.