Roya Farhadi Koczak, M.A.

I grew up hearing the story of how I got my name. Apparently, my parents had argued over what to call me. Roya was the name of a distant relative and my mother liked it, while my father wanted to name me something more “American". My mom won, and I was given my full name- Roya Sabrina Farhadi Koczak. Over the years, I played with switching up what I was called, asking to go by nicknames or my middle name. I needed to explore having an identity that I chose for myself. As I pursued a Masters degree in Somatic psychology, I became fascinated with exploring the symbolism and meaning in names. I did some research and asked around, and came up with a meaning for my own: dream, princess, great lover and warrior, horseman. I could see my purpose in these words. I already knew these symbols in my bones, so it was just a matter of letting my purpose move me forward.

I am a dreamer, a medicine woman, an educator, an artist, an amateur baker, a wannabe comedian, and an initiated stick diviner in the Dagara lineage. My medicine lineage is in the tradition of my Hungarian ancestresses, and continues our centuries-old relationship of reverence with the Moon. My Iranian lineage brings me the gift of healing touch and deep Mountain wisdom. My medicine work is meant to help you heal and strengthen your relationships with your allies and your ancestral lineages. This work reconnects us with our traditions, and has the power to heal the wounds of events and situations that caused our ancestors’ severance from old ways of wisdom. We do this work in order to clear the way for future generations to thrive. I returned to Washington, DC in 2018 after many years studying and tending to other beautiful places. Returning to where I was born and grew up has been a reclaiming of my relationships with old spirit friends. These were the streams and trees and landscapes that saw me as a child, and have watched me grow over the years. This deep recognition of one another has been a profoundly moving experience, and one that I love to support others in connecting to.

We have a responsibility to heal our own folks and to learn our own magic. We need to heal the wounds that have been passed down to us through generations- we have the capacity and, frankly, we need this. Healing and strengthening our ancestral lineages offers tremendous support in our daily lives. It clears up generations-old patterns of disconnection that have resulted in worldwide inequities. The simple act of tending to our lineages heals the world around us.

Ritual helps to ground us, and we need it dearly. Ritual is simple and comforting and sane. It connects us to a wildness that refills our well while powering up the living world of nature and spirit. Having the support and love of the Wedemé, Ancestors, animal allies, and the totality of the cosmos provides so much comfort and warmth, and we all deserve to feel this type of love.