Divination and Ritual

I offer Stick Divination and read Tarot as a means to healing and strengthening the connections between you, your ancestors, the elemental beings, and the energy of earth and the cosmos.

I lead individual and group rituals for a variety of contexts. These rituals are prescribed through the process of Divination and serve to tend, nourish, and heal our lineages and the world around us.

Star Medicine and Tending the Trees

I create elixirs that help humans reconnect to star wisdom. The stars want to offer us grounded, tangible magic to help us heal and thrive. The elixirs offer us nourishment and connection to the cosmos.

I work with trees through listening and ritual to heal the strain of the human impact on trees worldwide. This tending leads to a kinship between humans and trees, and allows us to hear the invaluable wisdom that trees offer us.